One-off lessons

Introduction to Pastry - 3 hours - How to make delicious sweet and savoury pastries including hand-raised savoury pie crusts, choux buns and sweet pastry tarts.

The Perfect Roast Dinner - 3 hours - How to make a traditional roast dinner, with all the trimmings. Great-looking centrepieces and and veg, and how to deal with the the all-important key - timing.

Introduction to Bread - 3 hours - How to make your own bread by hand. Save money and take pride in your baking with this introductory guide to how to make white, wholemeal and granary bread at home easily and simply. No need for an electric breadmaker!

Further adventures in bread - 3 hours - Beyond the basics. Choose from foccacia, flavoured breads, naan, crumpets, pizza, and many more.