About me

I’m a self-taught cook who understands the practical realities of cooking at home. Food is such an important part of our lives and I strongly believe that learning how to cook can be fun and rewarding, both for your health and your pocket. I am convinced that anyone can cook and that even the most advanced people have always got something to learn. I’m always challenging myself to cook new things, as you can see from my other website 101 Things Every Cook Should Cook. Francesca

I’m friendly and patient and love cooking and sharing how to do it with others. I started this business because I realised that most cooking courses in London are either out of the price range of most people or held during working hours. Also, these are all group lessons in somewhere other than your home, and while it’s fabulous to learn how to cook a high-class 3-course meal in a professional kitchen, what most people need to know is how to cook meals for themselves in their own homes. I’m not a chef, I’m an experienced cook and I believe that with good quality ingredients and a little knowledge, everyone can feed themselves and their families well. And have fun doing it!